Last year, 2021, the DCWC presented pizza dinners to our local Dawson County firefighters. This year on Wednesday May 4, our members brought delicious lasagna along with salads and desserts to Dawson County’s finest firefighters. The men and women at the fire stations were delighted to have a great meal.

Two grateful fire fighters at Station #6 with Priscilla Taylor.
MG Finch with very happy fire fighters waiting for their lasagna dinner.
Fire Station #6 enjoying the lasagna, bread, salad and dessert that Sandy Duffy brought.
“Yum” says Fire Station #7 with Debbie Borovitcky, Linda Browning and Judy Carruth.
Barbara Vermillion organized the lasagna dinner for all our Dawson County fire fighters.
Barbara Vermillion and Pam Wilson with their fire fighters and fire puppy.
Pam Wilson and fire fighters awaiting lasagna.
Dianne Leonhardt and Elizabeth Ann Dalton with three hungry firefighters.
Fire Station Lasagna Dinner
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