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AUGUST 13, 2022.

The Dawson County Woman’s Club will present our annual Giving Goes Glam fundraiser on August 13, 2022 at Lilly Creek Farms at 1654 Auraria Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534. Tickets available, contact Linda Scull at jpowers11@windstream.net



Meet at Main Street Park at the DCWC pollinator garden to count honey bees, native bees, flies, wasps, butterflies and, perhaps, even hummingbirds from 10 am until noon.

What’s this about?  Counting pollinators on plants.  Choose your favorite plant and count the pollinators on it for 15 minutes.  Your work sheet includes honey bees, small bees (native bees), butterflies, wasps, bumble bees, and other insects.  You can then submit all your observations on line with hundreds of other observations.  This is a great learning experience for kid and supports research and data about our declining population of pollinating insects. Join us to contribute to the science of pollinators as a citizen scientist. DCWC will supply the data sheets, pencils, and plants. POLLINATOR TOUR JUNE 25 2022  Saturday 10 am – noon

This is a free event.
Main Street Park                                agastache, salvia, hyssop, ox eye daisy, blue
mistflower, Stokes’ aster, phlox, columbine, goldenrod,
yarrow, bee balm, obedient plant,  milkweed,
green and gold, black-eyed Susan, 
Dawsonville City Hall                        Stokes’ aster, columbine, ox eye daisy, blue mistflower,
milkweed, cardinal flower, obedient plant
The Fancy Flea                                  shasta daisy, agastache, columbine, black
eyed Susan, black and blue salvia
Bowen Center                                    black eyed Susan, cardinal flower, blue mistflower, red
salvia, yarrow, agastache.         
Dawson County Library                    ox eye daisy, green and gold, black and blue salvia,
agastache, goldenrod, hot lips salvia
Days Gone By                                    shasta daisy, black eyed Susan, yarrow, dwarf bee
balm, black and blue salvia
The Station Serendipity                    echinachea, bee balm, red salvia, black eyed Susan
Dawson County Farmers’ Market    fennel, mint, milkweed, red salvia, bee balm, parsley
Beyond the Path.
These are spots that are not in downtown Dawsonville. Will require driving.
Rock Creek Park                         shasta daisy, bee balm, red salvia, black and blue salvia,
milkweed, phlox, black-eyed Susan, Stokes’ aster,
obedient plant, evening primrose, blueberry, muhly grass 
*Etowah River Canoe Launch   salvia, agastache, 
        (Rotary Club Garden)
Three Private Residences-–            
127 Harbour Ridge  Edie Chodora 
Bee balm, cone flower, butterfly weed, astilbe, oakleaf hydrangea, agastache, Joe-pye weed, speedwell, mint, asters, rosemary, gladiolus, lantana, Mexican sunflower, peony, swamp milkweed, black and blue salvia, lantana, elephant ears, blueberry, red salvia, anise hyssop, columbine, woodland sunflower, black-eyed Susan, fennel, parsley, zinnia, lemon mint, red buckeye, baptisia, foxglove, button bush, stokes’ aster, naked ladies, hosta, yarrow, lavender, moonflower, various daylilies.  
152 Willow Oak Lane Georgann Schmalz 
Cardinal flower, obedient plant, ox eye daisy, woodland phlox, columbine, Stokes’ aster, milkweed, anise hyssop, black-eyed Susan, fennel, blue mistflower, agastache, bee balm, red salvia, blazing star, chocolate mint,
pineapple sage, black and blue salvia, showy primrose, evening primrose,  various daylilies, mountain mint, fothergilla, black cohosh, trillium, coral bells, spicebush, goatsbeard, Solomon seal, trout lily, bird’s foot violet, echinacea, beautyberry, shasta daisy, Japanese aster, astilbe, oakleaf hydrangea, ironweed, Joe-pye weed, swamp milkweed, rosemary, blueberry, red buckeye, peony, native azalea, jewelweed, viburnum, poison ivy, spirea, swamp hibiscus, baptisia, Virginia creeper, penstemon beard tongue, crocosmia. 
155 Scenic Overlook. Elizabeth Anne Dalton
Cleome, Cone Flower, Astilbe, various Hydrangeas, Mint, Asters, Rosemary, Gladiolas, Peony, various Salvia, Black-eyed Susan, Parsley, Zinnias, Marigolds, various Irises, Foxglove, Digitalis, Stokes Aster, Bee Balm, Crosominia, Moon Flower, Dwarf Plumbago, St John’s Wort, Coreopsis, Shasta Daisy, Blueberry, Vinca, Crepe Myrtles, Beauty Berry, Caryopteris, Thistles, Passion Flower, Hellebores. 
Our goal is to encourage landowners to join the grassroots effort to create diverse and productive ecosystems one plant at a time.  By setting aside part of our properties, whether it’s a few feet or hundreds of acres, for native plants, we will be saving our pollinators such as honey bees, bumble bees, butterflies, moths and many more.  For more information, read Nature’s Best Hope by Doug Tallamy and join the Homegrown National Park movement. 
Walking Tour of Pollinator Spots along the Pollinator Path in downtown Dawsonville.  We have a number of small Pollinator Spots at various businesses and buildings in downtown Dawsonville that will be fabulous displays of what you can do on a large or small scale for our pollinating insects and hummingbirds.  Join us as we inspire our community to use native pollinator plants.  Remember, without our pollinating honey bees, native bees, butterflies and more, we would enjoy 42% fewer fruits and vegetables. Even though our Pollinator Spots are small in size, if there are enough of them in your neighborhood, they will provide an amazing amount of native plants for our pollinators. We aren’t saying you should tear up your flower beds or your entire turfed yard. Just add some native pollinator species to increase the biodiversity in your landscape and become a truly functional haven for pollinating insects and hummingbirds.

The Pollinator Tour begins at the garden at Main Street Park located behind the Food Lion on Hwy 53 W.  After enjoying the native plants in bloom and their pollinators,  you can easily walk to various Pollinator Spots in the downtown area.  The Spots include Dawsonville City Hall, Dawson County News, The Fancy Flea, The Bowen Center, Dawson County Library, Days Gone By, and Robinson Elementary School.

Beyond the Pollinator Spots, you are invited to drive to gardens at Rock Creek Park, Abbott Creek Nursery, the Chamber of Commerce and the fabulous gardens of Georgann Schmalz (152 Willow Oak Lane) and Edie Chodora (127 Harbour Ridge Dr).  They will have some free plants to get you started.  

Cost?  Nothing.  Free.  Nada.  Just promise to start a small garden with native pollinator plants that can save our bees.

Join us on summer Saturdays beginning on April 16. We have a ton of information on creating a native plant pollinator spot or garden in your own yard. Our free native plants will help to get you started. We are also working on building four or five more pollinator raised beds, two for host and nectar plants for butterflies and two or more for other pollinator insects and hummingbirds.


For more information, contact Georgann Schmalz

Bowen Center for the Arts volunteers for the
Christmas Workshop/Santa

*Decorate the Historic Courthouse for
Christmas in November  Downtown Dawsonville

Monthly planting and clean up at Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden

Establishing pollinator garden at Main Street Park in downtown Dawsonville.  Includes four raised beds of pollinator plants, brochure and yard signs for “Saving our Bees” program.

We are anticipating four new native plant raised beds at the Dawson County Farmers’ Market in downtown Dawsonville. These will be dedicated to host (caterpillars) and nectar (butterflies/moths) plants along with hummingbird foraging plants.

Planning stages for celebrating Dawsonville’ affiliation with the Xerces Society as a Bee City USA  Events planned for June Pollinator Garden Tour and Pollinator Census on June 25.

Educational information on pollinators, native plants and birds available at Native Plants and Pollinators page

February – May: Reading to class at Kilough Elementary School for second half of 2022 school year

February- Book Fair at Kilough Elementary School

February- HOBY Awards at School Board meeting

May  -Awards of four high school scholarships.